1. After the consignor of export goods has prepared the export goods according to the provisions of the export contract on time, quality and quantity, it shall go through the procedures of chartering-space booking with the transport company…… 【Read the full text】

1. The general import and export goods all imported goods, the consignee or their authorized agent (hereinafter generally referred to as the "declaration") must be in the import and export of goods import and export goods declaration form, fill in the customs declaration…… 【Read the full text】

In the process of international cargo transportation, what we are most concerned about may be the safety of the cargo. In view of the fact that many customers are not familiar with the compensation and insurance regulations of international cargo transportation…… 【Read the full text】

Chinese cross-border electricity is popular in this era, foreign's take off of China's cross-border sellers influence is undeniable, the end of the year, Q4 is the peak season, so China's cross-border electricity sellers of a good time,…… 【Read the full text】

When international freight double of the tax package, always little not Europe so I believe that everyone do cross-border electricity sellers for European tax package double qing is not strange,…… 【Read the full text】

Many enterprises with import customs declaration agency cooperation, import and export business professionals to introduce many enterprises is busy,…… 【Read the full text】

In international trade, if the goods are determined to be exported, you can turn the relevant matters of freight to the forwarder. First of all, you must understand several more common ways of international freight transactions.…… 【Read the full text】

Now under the trend of internationalization exchanges and contact of all countries, particularly business of trade links, more and more close, the same products in the domestic market of homogeneity,…… 【Read the full text】

Wuxi Conid Import and export Trading Co., LTD. Has the right to import and export of professional foreign trade companies,…… 【Read the full text】

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