Send pre-recorded information to the document review center, and the customs does electronic document review; If there is any doubt about the goods, the customs will return the bill by computer and inform the customs declarer to contact the customs. If there is no problem, the review of single section of the …… 【Read the full text】

Customs declaration data: After the bill of lading (1, 3) is released by the customs, it shall be affixed with the original seal on the blank sheet and returned to the importer as the evidence of taking delivery. Original packing list, original invoice, contract, import declaration form in duplicate, original…… 【Read the full text】

For general export goods, after the consignor or its agent declares to the customs truthfully and pays the taxes and related fees in the exact amount, the consignor of export goods affixed with the "Customs clearance seal" on the export packing list can be shipped out of the country.。…… 【Read the full text】

HS agreement is formulated by The customs cooperation council (also known as The world customs organization) of formulating a for customs import and export management, statistics, and The relevant parties and The international trade of common use Commodity classification and Coding system,…… 【Read the full text】

The goods listed in the Catalogue of Import Commodities subject to Quality Licensing System must obtain a quality license issued by the state inspection and quarantine department and attach a "safety mark" before applying for inspection and quarantine. The goods in the Catalogue of Compulsory Certification sh…… 【Read the full text】

Mode of trade: At present, the white Declaration of Export Goods is used to declare export goods. Generally, there are the following modes of trade. General trade; Materials rendered free of charge by states or international organizations; Small border trade; Goods contracted for foreign projects; Leasing tra…… 【Read the full text】

If a foreign trade trading entity has concluded a foreign trade sales contract and settled the payment by letter of credit, it has received a letter of credit from abroad, specifying the terms of shipment and the inspection basis.…… 【Read the full text】

Customs declaration refers to the declaration of goods, baggage, postal articles, means of transport, etc. at the entry and exit of the customs or the frontier by the owner or his agent to the customs, submit the prescribed documents and certificates for inspection,…… 【Read the full text】

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