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Red wine import agent

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I. Red wine import agent Red wine import clearance process:
1. Consignee filing
2. Exporter filing
3: Record labels in Chinese and English
4. Import inspection
5: Import customs clearance
6: Commodity inspection, customs inspection sampling and inspection
7: Tax payment form
8: Customs clearance
9. The Inspection and quarantine certificate issued by the Commodity Inspection BureauTwo, red wine import customs clearance data
1. Certificate of Origin and Certificate of Free Sale
2: Health certificate of producing country
3: Manufacturer's ingredient list
4. Manufacturer's product inspection report
5. Certificate that the product is registered and approved for sale in its country (region)
6: One original package label sample and three Chinese and English label samples
7: Quarantine certificate of quarantine manufacturer is required
Packing list, trade contract
9: Production date
3. Red wine import Customs Clearance rate Red wine import customs clearance, red wine clearance, red wine import customs clearance agent,Red wine import customs clearance agent, red wine import agent
Four: red wine import tariffs - 35% : 10% tariff 14 17 consumption VAT 10 comprehensive tax 48.2 cif import tariff tax = X import tariff rate 2: red wine import value-added tax: 17% VAT tax = (cif + + consumption tax is the import tariff) X value added tax (according to the actual product, some products are 13% such as red wine) 3, 10% consumption tax, excise tax = ((cif + tariffs) / 1 - consumption tax) X consumption tax (according to the actual product, some products have a consumption tax, such as red wine)
V. Wine Import Customs Clearance limitation Record of consignee and exporter of wine:
3 working days for red wine Chinese label record:5-7 working days for red wine import inspection: 3 working days for red wine import clearance:
Test within 5 working days 10 working days red wine import clearance, red wine clearance, red wine import clearance agent, red wine import clearance agent,Vi. Consignee's archival data: The required data are as follows: (all the original data are required)
1. Industrial and commercial business license;
2. Organization code certificate;
3. Identity certificate of the legal representative;
4. Record and Registration Form of foreign trade managers;
5. Take care of the record registration certificate of the inspection reporting unit;
6. Declaration and registration certificate of the consignee for import and export goods;
7. Wholesale Liquor License or Food Hygiene License
Vii. When the red wine import declaration agent is applying for inspection, the consignor or its agent shall report to the port Information provided by the inspection and quarantine institution:
(1) Declaration for Inspection of Inbound Goods;
(2) Trade contract, packing list, Bill of lading and FREIGHT FA (copy);
(3) Certificate of origin and hygiene evaluation data (original);
(4) The edible animal and plant products that need approval for entry animal and plant quarantine shall be available
"The People's Republic of China Entry Animal and Plant Quarantine Permit" and the organization of the producing country (region)
Certificate of complete hygiene (original);
(v) When importing pre-packaged red wine, in addition to providing the above materials, the following requirements for inspection report shall be met:
Ii. Inspection and quarantine requirements:
(I) Conformity of the goods certificate.
(2) They shall not be sold or used unless they pass the inspection and quarantine.
(3) The entry-exit inspection and quarantine organ shall conduct the inspection according to the following contents:
1. Law of the People's Republic of China on Import and Export Commodity Inspection and its supporting regulations.
2. Mandatory standards and relevant provisions stipulated by the state.
Iii. Requirements for Inspection and quarantine treatment:
The inspection and quarantine institution shall, according to the inspection and supervision on the spot, sensory inspection and laboratory inspection results, conduct an inspection on the said
Comprehensive judgment of batch of red wine:
(1) If the wine is judged not to meet the hygienic requirements of China, the wine shall be destroyed or returned as the case may be
(2) If the wine meets the requirements, it shall be released after the inspection and quarantine institution of the entry port issues the hygiene Certificate, and the importer/distributor may sell and use the wine only after obtaining the hygiene Certificate.