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Private goods import agent

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Provisional import and export system
According to the Istanbul convention, is of certain goods allowed temporary import and export system (including transport), for a particular purpose exempt from import duties, import and export and conditional suspension submit import and export license of obligation, within the specific period of time in addition to the normal wear and tear due to use according to the original state after shipped or after import the legal provisions of the goods. (Chino International provides a full set of import and export agency business)
Temporary import
Temporary import and export goods refer to the goods that are temporarily transported into China by international organizations, foreign governments, enterprises, mass organizations or individuals from the Hong Kong and Macao regions for the purpose of carrying out economic, technological, scientific and cultural cooperation and exchanges, but need to be re-exported in their original state within a specified period of time.
Temporary imports include:
1. Photographic equipment, films, films, videotapes, vehicles, costumes and props imported from China for shooting films, videos, pictures and slides in cooperation with domestic units;
2. Equipment, props, costumes, vehicles and animals brought into China for sports competitions and artistic performances;
3. All kinds of equipment, instruments, tools, teaching tools, vehicles, etc. brought in to China for engineering construction, academic and technical exchanges, lectures, etc.
Temporary approval of the basic customs clearance procedures for import and export goods
1. Record before entry (exit);
2. When entering (leaving) the port, declare at the customs with guarantee;
3. Accept customs inspection during the use period;
4. Declaration at the entrance of comeback (entry);
5. Verification and clearance.
Inward and outward goods under the provisional import and export system include:
1. Import and export exhibition articles and technical exchange articles;
2. Inbound and outbound repair items;
3. Temporary (or rented) inbound and outbound containers;
4. Temporary import and export of goods.