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Chemical products [Safety]

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Chemical import agent declaration
1. Enterprise qualification examination
2. Record the paint and coatings
3. Declaration of dangerous goods
4. Overseas booking and delivery
5. Foreign exchange receipt and payment agent
6. Document review
7. Customs declaration and inspection
8, dangerous goods label rectification/paste
9. One-stop supporting services such as warehousing and distribution
1. Packing list, invoice, contract and Bill of lading;
2. Classification and identification report of dangerous goods;
3. Dangerous goods label (Chinese label, dangerous goods are required);
4. MSDS of products (chemical safety instructions, dangerous goods should be written in both Chinese and English);
5. Composition ratio of the product;
6. Record of paint and coatings (paint and coatings need to be filed before delivery);
7. Dual-use items import license (for restricted products);
8. Beyond 3C certificate or 3C catalog (for restricted products);
9. Other (relevant documents and materials deemed necessary by the Customs);
1. Chinese product name, brand, model, value, quantity, weight and origin (it is better to provide the detailed list of goods);
2. Packing specifications, pallet and mixed packing;
3. Provide the actual pictures and packing pictures of the goods;
4. Category of dangerous goods (whether there is UN NO.), provide composition content and MSDS (chemical safety specification) for confirmation;
5. Whether to complete the classification and identification report of dangerous goods and paste the public label of dangerous goods (some dangerous goods still need to be put on record);
6. Whether the shipping mode is transported as dangerous goods, and whether stockpiling is allowed at the wharf;
7. Whether the customer has the right to import and export and the qualification to operate dangerous goods;
1. Determine whether the imported chemicals belong to dangerous goods (paint and coating need to be filed in advance, dangerous goods need to handle dangerous goods label appraisal report in advance);
2. Prepare the goods and deliver them to the port or airport (if the goods are dangerous goods, the danger declaration shall be made 48 hours before the goods arrive at the port);
3. Arranged port/airport documents change, inspection and customs declaration;
4. Pay taxes and allow customs clearance (if no inspection is conducted);
5. Make an appointment for commodity inspection (dangerous goods have been labeled in Chinese in foreign countries for inspection and release, while dangerous goods have not been labeled in Chinese in foreign countries, so label rectification is needed);
6. Take delivery and transport (your company or our company will arrange);
1. The manufacturer, importer or import agent of imported coatings (hereinafter referred to as archival filing applicant) may apply to the archival filing institution for archival filing of imported coatings according to needs;
2. The filing applicant shall apply to the filing institution for filing at least 2 months before the paint import;
3. When applying for archival filing of imported coatings, the archival filing applicant shall fill in (application form for archival filing of imported coatings) and make archival filing application;
4. When the filing applicant submits the filing application form, he/she shall submit the following materials and make explanations:
4.1 Copy of the applicant (business license of enterprise Legal Person) (with official seal), copy of the imported paint manufacturer (business license of enterprise Legal Person) (with official seal);
4.2. Declaration by imported coating manufacturers that the content of harmful substances in their products complies with relevant Chinese laws and regulations;
4.3 Basic components, brand, model, origin, appearance and marking of imported coating products, packaging manufacturer and location, packaging product label and other relevant materials (The Chinese version shall prevail);
4.4 Other materials required;
1, the need for the record of paint coating can be (record acceptance notice) for import customs clearance and delivery, but to wait for the record book out before normal sales;
2. In case of dangerous chemicals, the hazardous materials must be declared to the Maritime Safety Administration in advance.
3. In case of dangerous chemicals, the identification report of labels in Chinese can be handled in advance;
4. Determine in advance whether the imported chemicals involve dual-use items import licenses and other documents.

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