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Industrial paper sales

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There are many kinds of paper and different classification methods. There are three conventional classification methods:
I. According to the mode of production, it is divided into manual paper and machine paper.
Manual paper to manual operation, the use of curtain network frame, manual by piece of fishing system. Soft in texture and strong in water absorption, suitable for ink writing, painting and printing, such as Chinese rice paper. Its output accounts for only a small proportion of the total output of modern paper. Machine - made paper refers to the production of mechanical paper, such as printing paper, wrapping paper, and so on.
Two, according to the paper thickness and weight divided into paper and cardboard.
There is still no hard and fast line between the two. Generally with the weight of 200g per square meter below called paper, called cardboard. Cardboard accounts for 40 ~ 50% of the total production of paper, mainly used for commodity packaging, such as box cardboard, packaging cardboard, etc. International statistics are usually carried out on paper and cardboard respectively.
According to paper usage, it can be divided into printing paper, packaging paper, industrial paper, office culture paper, household paper and special paper.
Printing paper
Light including newsprint, coated paper, coated paper, light paper, offset paper, writing paper and letterpress printing paper, thin letterpress printing paper, offset paper, offset paper, woodfree printing paper (old name), gravure printing paper, zheng wen paper, book cover paper, advertising paper, dictionary paper, stamp paper, drawings, single-sided printing coating paper, double-sided printing, coating paper, low quantitative paint paper, etc.
Packing paper
Including white board paper, white cardboard, craft paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper and corrugated board paper, tea paperboard, parchment, skin paper, silicone oil paper, paper cups (bag) base paper, laminating paper, cellophane, greaseproof paper, waterproof paper, transparent paper, aluminum foil paper, fruit bag paper, black paper, color paper, double gray paper, gray board paper, mail a letter paper, blue sand paper, food wrapping paper, drinks, flexible packaging composite paper, all black photosensitive protective paper, etc.

Industrial paper
Industrial paper (mainly refers to special paper, such as writing and packaging, etc.) : release paper, carbon paper, capacitor paper, laminated paper, dust-free paper, impregnated paper, sandpaper, rust-proof paper, etc.
Office culture paper
Office culture paper includes tracing paper, drawing paper, copy paper, art paper, carbon paper, facsimile paper, printing paper, reheat sensitive paper, color spray paper, film paper, sulphate paper, etc.
Daily paper
Including toilet paper, tissues, napkins, diapers, wipes, mirror paper, wallpaper, appliques, dark wax paper, etc
Specialty paper
Including decorative base paper, water - grain paper, leather - grain paper, gold and silver card paper, decorative paper, security paper, etc.

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