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From the perspective of export direction, the United States, Japan, The European Union and other developed countries and automobile production countries are the major exporters of auto parts in China. At the same time, the development of the Middle East, South America, Africa and other emerging markets also achieved results. The phenomenon of building factories in foreign countries and acquiring foreign enterprises has also appeared, such as wanxiang Qianchao's acquisition of American GBC (mainly supplying universal joints).
In terms of the types of export products, they are mainly labor-intensive and low-tech products. The export of products with traditional comparative advantages, such as base, bumper, wire harness, glass, brake pad, clutch, loose heat, muffler and universal joint, occupies a high proportion. The export of high-tech components also has some development, but most of the core technologies are still in the hands of large international component manufacturers.

The first channel is to enter the international market with the vehicle export, that is, with the vehicle enterprise. Take FAW Jiefang as an example. We mainly export to Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries. The foreign party usually selects the models of the whole vehicle enterprise first, then visits the engine plant for inspection, and finally exports together. This is the method that domestic product exports USES more at present.

The second channel is foreign direct procurement in China, that is, access to the international market through the global procurement system of multinational automobile companies. At present, the global automobile enterprises are constantly reducing the rate of parts production, and the implementation of the global procurement strategy, most of the global procurement rate of multinational companies have exceeded 50%.

The third channel is direct sales by the production enterprises. By being a secondary supplier in the foreign market, we can directly export our products abroad to ensure the continuous growth of our exports.

The fourth channel is to rely on foreign trade companies. Professional foreign trade companies have been engaged in import and export business for a long time, familiar with products and markets, have fixed sales channels, and can timely grasp the dynamics of the international market, at the same time, the organization of supply channels is also very smooth, so very advantageous.

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