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Daily necessities: daily necessities, also known as articles of daily use, are daily necessities for ordinary people. As consumers demand more and more commodities, the corresponding imports of commodities are also increasing. In recent years, China's import tax rate of imported commodities/articles for daily use has been adjusted constantly, and the tax rate of imported commodities is also getting lower and lower. With the rapid development of China's commodity industry, it has become a new consumption hotspot. As China has lifted restrictions on imported commodities, international commodity giants are accelerating their expansion into the Chinese market.
Daily necessities import enterprises/individuals to bring convenience, to provide customers with professional and detailed import agent services. Shanghai Yusheng insight needs, through the effective integration of various resources, coupled with a large number of case operation experience, can provide customers with a very advantageous professional commodity import agent services.
According to the use frequency or range of articles, it is divided into daily necessities or daily necessities and luxuries.
According to the usage, there are: toiletry articles, household articles, cooking articles (according to kitchen and bathroom articles), decoration articles, cosmetics articles, bedding articles.
1. Toothpaste has a long history as a cleaning product commonly used in daily life. With the continuous development of science and technology, continuous improvement and perfection of process equipment and various types of toothpaste thereafter, product quality and constantly improve the class and now clean by a single type of toothpaste toothpaste variety, become the variety is complete, functional diversity, hundreds more functional toothpaste brand, satisfied the needs of different levels of consumption level.
2. Toothbrush is a cleaning product, which is a handle brush. It is used to add toothpaste to the brush, and then repeatedly scrub the teeth. The earliest toothbrushes came from China.
Mouth Rinse, which consists of fragrances, surfactants, fluoride, strontium chloride, alcohol and water, cleans the mouth and prevents cavities and periodontitis. There are two kinds of thick and light, thick with water diluted after use, light can be direct gargle.
4. Hand sanitizer is a skin-care cleanser based on hand cleaning. Some specific ingredients can play a role of disinfection and sterilization, which can be divided into ordinary hand sanitizer, disinfection hand sanitizer and heavy oil hand sanitizer. The chemicals in hand sanitizers may irritate hand skin and are not suitable for people who are prone to skin allergies. It is recommended to apply hand cream after washing and is generally harmless.
5. Handmade soap is soap made by artificial use of natural oil and lye. Basically, it is the saponification reaction between oil and lye. Hand-made soap can be used for both cleansing and bathing. The foam of handmade soap is exquisite and rich, which can completely remove the grease in the deep of pores. Make skin moist and bright, full of elasticity.
6. The active ingredients of laundry detergent are mainly non-ionic surfactants, whose structure includes water-wet end and oil-wet end, in which oil-wet end combines with stains, and then separates stains and fabrics through physical movement (such as hand rubbing and machine movement). At the same time, surfactants reduce the tension of water, so that water can reach the surface of the fabric, so that the active ingredients play a role.
7, detergent, daily cleaning products. Clean and mild, soft foam, quick decomposition of greasy, quick decontamination, sterilization, effective and thorough cleaning, no residue, emitting elegant fruit fragrance, white and bright as new after washing. Use it frequently to keep your home clean and to avoid transmission of germs.

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