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Machinery and equipment import customs clearance: state the supervision and administration to allow the import of used mechanical and electronic products, does not meet the requirements of the import of used mechanical and electronic products shall not access, import of used mechanical and electronic products inspection or after the arrival of the goods without the arrival of the goods does not conform to the relevant safety, hygiene, environmental protection, and other countries of the compulsory requirements of technical specification, not sales, installation and use. We have a professional consulting team and operation team, with rich experience in case filing, professional understanding of relevant policies and regulations, and related declaration process, we are specialized in solving difficult customs clearance problems for customers, and providing customers with professional equipment import solutions.
1. Enterprise qualification examination
2. Foreign exchange receipt and payment agent
3. Documents review and collation
4. Pre-record of imported used mechanical and electrical products
5. Pre-shipment inspection
6. Import license
7. Overseas booking, delivery and transportation
8. Import inspection and customs declaration
9. Follow-up commodity inspection transfer, warehousing and distribution, and other one-stop supporting services.
Pre-shipment inspection refers to the preliminary evaluation on the safety, health and environmental protection projects of used mechanical and electronic products by the inspection and quarantine institutions or the pre-shipment inspection institutions approved by the AQSIQ before the import of used mechanical and electronic products is shipped at the port of shipment according to the mandatory requirements of China's national technical specifications.
Arrival inspection refers to the conformity assessment activities conducted by the inspection and quarantine institutions in accordance with the mandatory requirements of the national technical specifications after the import of used mechanical and electronic products.
Supervision and administration refers to the administration of inspection and quarantine institutions over the whole process of the sale and use of used mechanical and electronic products by the consignee of imported mechanical and electronic products.
Import customs clearance process for roughly: foreign shipment inspection (do/check/in the check out an appointment in the inspection certificate) to deal with automatic import license (if involved), arranging booking transportation abroad to domestic destination, shipping company in order to import inspection declaration, the import declaration form (or transferring inspection) - > import declaration (customs appraisal/tax/tax) to collect and transport the goods to inspection, customs clearance, to the customer designated locations.
The first four are commonly used globally, while the last four have different codes for each country. When it comes to issues such as import documents and import tax rate, it can be confirmed only by inquiring the corresponding customs code. 6. Equipment is forbidden to be imported; O is for automatic import license.
Any equipment as long as the customs' supervision code corresponding to the conditions there are "6" means are not allowed to import, if there is one "O", the customs will need to apply for automatic import license in advance before the import license, general equipment (points ShengJu approval for examination and approval of the ministry of commerce in Beijing key equipment import license two), in addition, the import tax rates of different equipment is different, specific please refer to the customs code, such as: machine 8457300000 (processing metal transfer combination machine tools) import value-added tax: 16%, 5% import duties (most imports value-added tax was 16%).
1. Equipment cargo information: specific Chinese name, model, place of origin, date of manufacture, length, width, height, weight, quantity, color, value, one picture of each clear front, left and right sides and nameplate of each equipment;
2. Ocean Bill of lading;
3. Record filing certificate;
4. Certificate of Inspection;
5. Packing list, invoice and contract;
6. Automatic import license of equipment and other relevant documents and materials deemed necessary by the Customs.
1. Before loading, ensure that the machine is clean and no debris or oil stains remain;
2. Please take photos of each machine before loading to determine the packing method. If it is wooden packing, fumigation and IPPC seal are needed;
3. In the container, spare parts must not be placed in a conspicuous place, let alone items unrelated to the machine (such as wooden blocks, cloth strips, iron bars, etc.). If there are any accessories that must be shipped, they must be listed in the list and declared truthfully.
4. Please ensure the country of origin, manufacturer and year of the nameplate of the machine, and replace the nameplate with a new one if the nameplate falls off or is unclear;
5. When the goods are shipped abroad, they should be placed in a prominent place on the machine and affixed with a safety label;
6. According to the year of the machine, it is suggested to declare the value as 70% new, so as to facilitate the smooth and rapid approval of the price review;
7. If the line is exposed, please arrange it properly at the time of delivery to ensure that there is no disorder, and ensure that the grounding line of the line meets the Safety standards of China's line;
8. If the equipment has a fuel tank, drain the stored oil as much as possible, so as not to overflow and cause oil scale during transportation.

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