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   Cosmetics refer to the chemical industrial products or fine chemical products that are spread on any part of the human body surface by applying, spraying or other similar methods, such as skin, hair, toenails, lips and teeth, etc., in order to achieve the purpose of cleaning, maintaining, beautifying, modifying and changing the appearance, or correcting the human body odor and keeping in good condition.
In recent years, with the constant adjustment of import tariffs and more and more preferential import of cosmetics, China's cosmetics industry has developed rapidly and become a new consumption hotspot. International cosmetics giants are accelerating their expansion into the Chinese market as China has lifted restrictions on the import of cosmetics. For cosmetics import enterprises to bring convenience, to provide customers with professional and detailed import agent services.
Generally, according to their functions, they are divided into ordinary cosmetics (also known as non-special cosmetics) and special cosmetics.
(1) Hair products: General hair products: hair oils, waxes, creams, lotions and pastes.
(2) Skin care products: 1. General skin care products: skin care cream, lotion, oil, lotion, cool body, bath.
2. Skin-care products that are easy to touch the eyes: skin care products around the eyes, facial masks and facial cleansers.
(3) Cosmetics: 1. General cosmetics: foundation, powder cake, rouge and body makeup;
2. Eye makeup: tracing eyebrow, eye shadow, eyelid, eye hair, eye makeup remover;
3. Lip care and lip makeup: lip care, lip gloss, lip gloss, lip liner.
(4) Toenail products: repairing, painting, cleaning and bleaching.
Fragrances: perfumes, colognes, toilet water.
The cosmetics that cultivate hair, dye hair, perm hair, depilate hair, beautiful milk, strong and handsome, deodorant, freckle and prevent sunblock are special cosmetics.
1. Hair cosmetics refer to the cosmetics that contribute to hair growth and reduce hair loss and hair breakage;
2。Hair color cosmetics refer to those that have the function of changing hair color;
3, perm cosmetics refers to the change of hair curvature, and maintain a relatively stable cosmetics;
4. Depilatory cosmetics refer to those that can reduce and eliminate body hair;
5. Beauty cosmetics refer to those that are conducive to breast fitness;
6. "bodybuilding cosmetics" refer to those which help to make the body fit;
Deodorant cosmetics are cosmetics that help to eliminate armpit odor;
8. Freckle cosmetics are cosmetics used to reduce skin pigmentation.
Foreign suppliers: certificate of origin, letter of authorization, Bill of lading, trade contract, packing list, commercial invoice, etc. Domestic importers: business license, non-special/special import cosmetics record certificate, power of attorney for inspection, power of attorney for customs declaration, etc.

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