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Sales of wood products

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What kinds of building materials are included
1. Structural building materials
First of all, we will look at structural building materials, wood, stone, bamboo, reinforced cement, tile, ceramics, glass, composite materials belong to structural building materials.
2, floor building materials
Real wood floor, aggrandizement wood floor, bamboo wood floor, multilayer compound floor and so on.
Wall building materials
Tile, paint, wallpaper, veneer, glass, marble, etc.
3. Decorative building materials
Solid board, cement board, paint-free board, large core board, fine core board, density decorative board, melamine board, paint board, etc.
4. Building materials for sanitary ware
Faucet, bathroom cabinet, shower room, toilet, lavabo, shower, towel rack, mop pool, sauna equipment, hardware fittings, etc.
5. Building materials for doors and Windows
Indoor door, security door, toilet door, aluminum window, partition and so on.
6. Ceramic building materials
Exterior wall brick, wall brick, floor tile, Mosaic, glazed tile, ceramic machinery, ceramic mold.
7. Paint building materials
Waterborne paint, emulsioni paint, nano paint, anticorrosive paint, wood paint, nitrocellutrient paint, anti-rust paint, waterproof paint, fire paint and so on.
Stone building materials
Stone includes: waste floor, stone carving, stone furniture, special-shaped technology, stone machinery.
8. Building materials for kitchen utensils and appliances
Cabinets, sinks, stove accessories, etc.
9. Hardware and building materials
Hutch ark pulls basket, hutch ark to hang a piece, sink bibcock, scrubber, lock fittings, wei Yu hardware fittings to wait.
10. Building materials of lamps and lanterns
Acrylic lamps, crystal lamps, glass lamps, stone lamps, cloth lamps, marble lamps, pottery lamps and so on.

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